Learner Education for the Advancement of Dressage


The objectives of LEAD are;

  • To take a group of riders already participating in the lower levels of dressage at SANESA shows and to assist them in improving their performance, as well giving them dressage skills that enable them to progress successfully up the grades.

  • Through this initiative, we wish to make the discipline fun, and to encourage them to stay with the discipline into adulthood.
  • By doing this we hope to produce a pool of knowledgeable, competent dressage riders, among them, some who would be able to go on to make up the high-performance squad of the future.
  • By insisting that the athlete’s personal coaches are present, we wish to make sure that there is an understanding of what is being taught by the master coaches on the bootcamps, as well as offering them assistance with improving their coaching skills.