Learner Education for the Advancement of Dressage

About Bootcamps
2019 Bootcamps Dates and Venues

The LEAD programe essentially revolves around the “Bootcamp” training format. The majority of all the interfaces take place at these Bootcamps and this is where the exchange on knowledge and skills takes place.

Bootcamps will have two separate aspects which are theoretical work and practical work. The theoretical work will be done in a classroom type of environment where the LEAD coach will deliver a lecture about a specific aspect of riding, the horse, horsemanship and other subjects. Don’t be worried, we will make sure that it is fun and entertaining and that you will enjoy these sessions.

The practical sessions will be delivered by the LEAD coach effectively instructing the athlete on their horse whilst collaborating with your coach on the finer details of the lesson content and teaching techniques. There will be lots of time to ask questions and to discuss any difficulties that the athlete or the coach may be experiencing.

There will be three bootcamps per year over a two year period, so a total of six and the coach and athlete are expected to attend all of them.

There will also be an OPEN session, probably one evening in which the LEAD coach will allow general equestrians in the area to attend and get a flavour of what the LEAD programe is all about. This is obviously subject to availability of space that the facility has to offer.