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Learner Education for the Advancement of Dressage

The bootcamps will be presented in a fun and informative atmosphere but the goal is absolutely clear. We would like to make a big difference to your performance and enjoyment of Dressage. The foundation that bootcamps are based on the principle that the coach and athlete work in a collaborative way with the LEAD coach so that when the Bootcamp ends, the instruction has a definite continuity and the performance outcomes are progressive. Each Bootcamp will build from the previous one so that there is a marked progression over the two year period.

The LEAD programme is not prescriptive in that we need you to ride in a higher grade to the one you started in, this is your choice but if you remain in the same grade, we will do our best to improve your competition scores. If your goal is to ride in a higher grade, the LEAD coach will assess your abilities and help you achieve your goals.

The First Bootcamp:

The theory session will be covering the basics of dressage: history, the arena, markers and basic figures, the seat of the rider and the way of going in the dressage horse.

Then there will also be practical riding coaching from the LEAD coach, where students will receive dressage coaching on their own horses, in small group sessions. The attending coaches will receive guidance on the delivery of coaching sessions, how to address specific training problems and the way forward for their students.

Bootcamp Evenings:

There is a lot more involved in making a successful rider, they need to acquire an all-round knowledge of horse management, welfare and much more.

Each Bootcamp will have one evening session, open to all the riders, coaches, parents. All riders must have their personal coaches attend their lesson and the theory session, in order that there is an understanding of what is being taught by the LEAD coaches on the Bootcamps, as well as offering them assistance with improving their coaching skills.

A brief description of some of the subjects that will be covered in these sessions:

  • The evolution of the horse.

  • Progression of Dressage through the ages.

  • Safety of rider – when riding and when working around horses.

  • Understanding of the sport of Dressage – rules, arena layout, letters, warm up arena etiquette, etc.

  • SANESA levels vs DSA grades, progression to FEI levels.

  • Tack, equipment.

  • Rider’s seat.

  • Circles, serpentines, half halts, etc